Note: These are very basic explanations, please ask your teachers if you do not understand or need further information. Chris also has the document sent via email if you think seeing a file is any easier.

Grammar Terms

Noun - Describes a person, place, or thing. (ex. teacher, school, pencil, dog)
Adjective - Describes a noun (ex. blue, fast, tall)
Proper Noun - The proper name of a noun (ex. teacher is a noun, but Mrs. Smith is a proper noun)
Verb - Describes an action, or a thing you can do (ex. run, jump, write)
Adverb - Like an adjective, but it describes a verb, typically end in -ly (ex. quickly, slowly, poorly)
Suffix - Added to the end of a "base" word (ex. if your base word is help, and -ful is the suffix, this makes the word "helpful")
Prefix - Added to the beginning of a "base" word (ex. if your base word is happy, and un- is the prefix, this makes the word "unhappy")

Basic Punctuation

Period (.) - Used to end a sentence
Comma (,) - Used for pauses, to seperate items in a list or series, etc Semicolon (;) - Harder to explain, but can be used to "combine" two similar sentences into one in place of a probably won't use this very much

MLA Format for Papers

Font - Times New Roman
Font Size - 12pt
Line Spacing - Double (2)